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Monday, January 18, 2010

house modding - maximum function, zero aesthetic

what i ended up doing with the area over my kitchen sink. this is the result of the broomstick found in the shed on the last house modding post. the grundtal rack didn't completely fit over the broomstick, but that's what vice grips are for, right?

for details on what each item is, check the original flickr photo and mouse over the pic for pop up notes


this is how i store my ziplocs, foil, etc. i take my own food everywhere so i always need something to put it in. this was it's always right at hand.
that little lazy susan used to go in my fridge but there's no good place for it in the current fridge and it doesn't fit in the cabinets. haven't found a permanent home for it yet. may eventually go in the pantry?

and this is the hallway.

in the middle of this pic is the linen/diabetes closet.
on the right is a magnetic tool bar from harbor freight tools with various things i reach for all the time and want close at hand.
on the left is an ikea bag holder. there are three trash cans and a litterbox in the surrounding rooms. i have a hard time keeping enough bags on hand to use, actually

again, for more details [if you REALLY need to know what's on the tool holder] notes are on the original photo, here


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  1. the rack idea is awesome, but I can't have something like that in my kitchen due to being a renter and even if I used the sticky hokes to attach it to the underside for easy removal -breaths- it would still be too long. So I'm thinking a modified version of your idea would work better and since I only need what is it? two inches at the most? or room that I know the perfect thing to use....:)

    oh I noticed you said you were having a hard time keeping enough plastic bags in your. little. thingy. there. if you go to like Walmart of any other place and ask them for extra bags, they will give them to you. I have gotten so many that I don't use them fast enough. But I also turn mine into little balls for easy storage. my little hanging plastic ball towel thingy got ruined, so now I keep them in a old fish tank vase in tight little balls. hope that helps some.