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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3 minutes and some cable ties

cooking dinner tonight i nearly knocked the clorox wipes off the counter again. grrr. then i thought i needed a better place for them. still near the counter but not in my way. i realized they are just about the height that my upper cabinets are deep.

see? there's the underside of my upper cabinets. there's just enough room between the little push lights that came with the house [which i never use, out of sight, out of mind] and the rack i keep my measuring cups on.

reusable cable ties are my choice here because i do expect to need to replace the canister eventually. but if you want to do this and use regular ones, hey, it's all good.

you see the ends of the cable ties here - that extra little tab is the unlocker. i love these things.

and i always keep a bag of these around. they are fantastic. i don't know if they are actually for cable ties but i found them at home depot in the electrician's aisle NEAR the cable ties, so i think it's a safe guess.

here's a close up of the mounting base. it's small, 1"x1" and it's got both a sticky back and a hole for a screw. i am not hanging anything heavy here today and i don't want to be putting screws up through the bottom of my cabinet unless i am sure they won't go all the way through. so sticky back only today.

and here is how the cable ties fit through. as you can see you could even use these for cross mounted with multiple ties.

it doesn't have to be precise for this job so i didn't measure, just lined them up, not too close, not too far apart.

these are pretty short ties so i needed three of them. you can probably find longer ones, reusable or regular. going with what i had on hand here. made a loose sling and stuck one cable tie from each triangle through the mounts and left it loose to insert the clorox canister

put the canister in.... immediately knock it loose because one of the cable tie ends wasn't through the first click, then fix that and tighten

voila! it's a clorox wipes undercabinet mount.

dedicated short link: http://tinyurl.com/4hl58xh

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