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Saturday, September 17, 2011

box cutting in my dreams

i had a dream. no, really. my dog, ash, has a milk bone for breakfast every day. i bought a new box and kept forgetting to take it out of my car. yesterday morning i still hadn't gotten it out of the car, and was running late for work. so when i reached in the box and it was completely empty i just gave him a handful of dog chow instead and thought "i'll bring that in tonight when i get home" except, i didn't. and when i was drifting off to sleep last night i remembered and thought "damnit, got to get the milk bones out of the car...zzzzzzzz"

when i fall asleep worried about something or pondering a problem, my brain tends to work on it. so i had a very clear and vivid dream about milk bones and about
fishing around in the bottom of the box from the flap i usually cut in the side of the box to get them out. the shelf i keep the milk bones on is exactly as tall as the box so i don't open the top of it.

then the dream became about making a place to get the milk bones out from the bottom, without them falling all over the floor. very vivied dream with specs and details. i love those sorts of dreams. so when i woke up [after a quick trip to pick up a package at the post office] i made a milk bone dispenser box. the full photo set with steps is on my flickr because there are quite a few pictures.

clearly you don't have to use this hack for milk bones - any box you need quick access to will work.
if you don't have an empty box that matches your current box, any piece of suitable stiff cardboard will do. just make sure the corrugations run vertically so you can make clean, stiff folds on the sides.

the location of the cuts had nothing to do with the fact that the dog's mouth in the picture on the box is now the dispenser, it just happened to fit. but if i had it to do over, i would do it intentionally because i find it amusing.

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