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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

hanging around the fridge

a while back i started thinking about hanging spray bottles off the side of my fridge. i even wrote a little bit about the idea but it didn't get much of anywhere. i tried things, played with materials around the house but kept ending up dropping stuff on the floor when it didn't work

here's the space in question - shown with the current magnetic tool bar that also lives on my fridge

old cafe curtain rod that came with the house, hanging in a magnetic cup hook: rod popped out easily

added a rubber band to keep it on the hook: hanging more than one bottle resulted in the weight bringing the whole thing crashing down
so i went to harbor freight and got a couple of inexpensive 90lb pull magnets, screw eye bolts and nuts and made this:

same cheap cafe curtain rod, and since this photo was taken i added a roll of paper towels on the rod too. the finials come off the end of the curtain rod so i just popped one off, slid it through the screw eyes and popped the finail back on. it has fallen down once, when someone ran into it... with a box spring.

if you don't have a curtain rod like this lying around, they are very inexpensive. you could also use pvc pipe or a broomstick or dowel, but those might slide out the end of the screw eye unless you use a rubber band for friction (or something else)

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