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Sunday, August 2, 2009

the government is going to save me money

i'm a smoker. specifically a clove smoker.
at least until september 22 2009
at which point i will no longer be able to purchase flavored cigarettes, including clove flavored cigarettes. also known as kreteks

some years back i was too broke to afford them so i bought camels and infused them with clove flavor. it wasn't great but it made them tolerable to me.

so i figured with a little research and little experimentation i can figure this out.

did the research, and the math.

did i mention i'm a HEAVY smoker?

yeah, i smoke over $4000 worth of cloves a year.

i'm also a maker. working with my hands is no imposition at all.

well the cost of an effective, manual, efficient cigarette injection machine, a year's worth of pre-filtered cigarette tubes, flavorings [ground cloves and clove bud oil,] and tobacco [i'll be trying to obtain some burley pipe tobacco as it holds flavors better] ...

hrm, that's only about $1750 a year.

yep, this new law will save me over $2200 a year.


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