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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


my kitchen is big. i like that about it but also, it can be inconvenient.
i found that when i had accidentally left a couple of storage bins stacked in the middle that they were in just the right spot for a kitchen island. so they stayed. and stayed and stayed.
i thought.... i should just see about a real one.
checked craigslist for free ones, thought about building one but all the wooden pallets i could find posted were gone before i got there.

then i did my usual weekend thrift store run to look for cat carriers and bookcases.
and there it was

once upon a time it was a dresser. the price tag labeled it a dresser [as well as showing it marked down by $10.] it was in between two other dressers.

but... it has a towel bar and kitchen countertop style top!.... huh? the cashier said it was marked down because it had been there a while, no one wanted it because of the countertop and the towel bar. i told her it was going to be my new kitchen island. she said that sounded about perfect since it had come out of a dorm where it had been used as a mini kitchenette center - which explains the burn mark on one end of the countertop.

it even looks good with my cabinets. perfect height since i want it to be taller than it is now and intend to add wheels.

the drawers are exactly tall enough to hold my measuring cups and corningware. [the poor corningware and baking dishes had been living at the cabinets at the far end of the kitchen]

so now i have a place to put the things that don't fit in the other cabinets near the stove, a piece of countertop wide and deep enough to roll out dough on and a place to put my laptop when i need to research a recipe that still keeps my keyboard away from spills and splatters.

reminds me of the time i used the frames for underbed drawers as display shelves/bookcases by standing them on end. always see past what it used to be or what it's intended for and see what you can make of it

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