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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

keeping pointy things off the floor

really, it's all about keeping pointy things off the floor. i'm terrible about that otherwise. most of the pointy things i own have steel or iron in them. magnet bars, as it turns out, are surprisingly affordable and easy to obtain if you don't need them to be pretty. yes, i originally considered ikea's grundtal knife rack but that was too expensive for me to be buying a whole bunch of them. the house came with one normal wood and magnet one for knives in the kitchen. already owning a few knife blocks and not being short on counter space, i opted to store my teapot there instead. and all my kitchen shears. so here are a few things i use magnetic bars for.


in the utility room. i know, doesn't look like much what with all the empty space. i might need to move it to a more useful location in the room. but i need to keep some scissors there to open pet food bags.

in the kitchen on the far side of the fridge. this is what i call the non kitchen side of the fridge. it's next to the doorway that leads to the main part of the house. no food things go on in this area.

in the hallway. the closet next to this is my medical supply closet. i spend a lot of time opening boxes here. this requires sharp things. and cat nail clippers because if they aren't out of reach the cats will steal them and hide them. seriously. i found two pair under my bed and dresser the last time i moved.

and finally, the most overused tool bar of all, the pantry. i buy in bulk. lots of cardboard and packaging to break down and get ready for burning. this is where i go when i bring in deliveries and need to open a box. and it's right next to the kitchen door, my main entry point to the house. so you can also see the plastic bag holder and flashlight off to the side. yes, that's a flashlight. i know it LOOKS like a giant mega lumen portable rechargeable spotlight... oh wait, ok, i have a seriously overpowered flashlight. you try taking a 2 D cell energizer under the house next time you need a good look at your a/c coils and tell me how that works out for you, ok?

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