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if you've known me for more than a minute you may have heard my expression for what it feels like when i get an idea that just makes sense: 'it's like a white hot hammer of inspiration to the back of the head'

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


concepts jump into my head when i'm awake.
plotlines develop in my dreams. i got a new one last night. i could write it, but i actually suck at ending stories or doing anything with them. i mean, if i WROTE them i'd have finished the one i had when i was 15.


[stop -listening to the TV on a decorating show while i type - just heard "who paints their tv?" - quite possibly me sometime soon, that sounds intriguing. i have so many of them for the different gaming systems. i could totally theme them out from my favorite games on each system. i wonder how a tv would look as a chocobo? and the pixel dragon from atari adventure - we now continue with your regularly featured blog entry]

so i'm taking a poll. not that anyone ever comments on these entries [except for anna's hubby matt, that one time]
but still

four stories in my head, i think i might try writing one of them. they are all equally vivid to me. let me introduce you and you can tell me what you want to read. please put it here by way of the attached poll, i have trouble keeping track on the other sites with scattered comments.

"the committee" - three teenaged girls who decide to kill the prom queen just because she's the prom queen. they make this decision at the beginning of the school year before anyone knows who the prom queen will be. each has her own story, her own reasons for making this choice. i have no idea yet if they get away with it or not.

"seeds" - satan moved to the suburbs and had a mortal kid who doesn't know he's the son of lucifer growing up in a nice middle class neighborhood. the kid is raised to be good because satan has high hopes that his kid will be allowed into heaven. there's a new immaculate conception but since the mom is actually a prostitute she has no idea her daughter is the latest child of god instead of one of her johns. this is the story of the relationship between the kids when they meet.

"narcissa" - the story of a woman in love with a woman in love with herself. read the sentence again, it'll make sense eventually. psychosis, mind games, sex and drugs.

untitled - adult twins move their mom to a care facility as she descends deep into her mind as a result of alzheimer's. when cleaning out her house, their childhood home, they find a body in the basement that turns out to be their actual mom. who is the woman that raised them? they have no extended family, their dad was drafted to vietnam before they were born and died in battle. there's no one who can answer the questions except the woman who raised them who doesn't even know who they are anymore. [this really is untitled, it's too new for me to have a title for it yet]

go here to vote please. it ends july 31st


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