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Sunday, September 19, 2010

diabetic without a level

why does being diabetic matter? well when i realized this afternoon that i have no idea where my real level is my brain did this:
"huh. i wish i'd bought that mini level cube thingy i saw at the hardware store. i could keep that in my toolbox and always find it."

it's just a little plastic box with a bubble in some liquid and lines to show you where the middle is.
i have a lot of little plastic tubes with lines on them.
oh look, there's one in the trash from where i changed my insulin pump cartridge last night

so i put some water in it. and it was hard to see the bubble. right, levels have TINTED liquid in them. food coloring? oh, crap, i used all the food coloring making blood and brains and stuff for zombies to eat months ago.
hey, i have soy sauce!
a couple of drops of soy sauce in the water later and there's a level.
at which point i traced the dog door, cut holes in my walls, made a lot of mess and put in a dog door. but that's another entry because now i have little bits of fiberglass insulation making the inside of my elbow itch and i need to go soak in the tub.

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