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Monday, December 31, 2012

Break it to fix it, part 1

courtesy of my large collection of vintage how-to, DIY, helpful hints, home repair and craft books, i want to share some of the break it to fix it tips i've learned.

Reader's Digest The Family Handyman Helpful Hints, 1995:

1. sagging cabinet door with standard butt hinges? pop the top hinge pin out, give it a slight bend and hammer it back into the hinge. it will lift the sagging hinge just slightly back into place.

2. need a can rack in your pantry? buy a vinyl coated standard wire closet shelf and mount it upside down at a slant so the back is elevated enough to send the cans rolling toward the front and the front edge forms a lip that catches the can.

3. if you are a gardener with a broken lampshade, save the shade and rip the covering off. next time you have a short droopy plant that needs a frame, use the lampshade like you would a tomato frame to keep your greenery from falling down

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