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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Things I learned at the toy store

have you ever worked retail? especially a toy store or store that carries toys?

any store that carries blister pack products that hang on pegboard hook will know exactly what this is. in fact, while i was shopping for them, i took a picture of the item on my phone [yay new smartphone with a screen people can actually see images on] and showed it to retail employees with the question "i know you USE these here, but do you SELL them here?"

Kevin at Office Max is a genius. they don't sell them but he thought about who might and suggested i try michaels crafts in the same shopping center. yup, they had them on an end cap near the framing aisle. weird place, but at least they had them.

sometime last week the hammer hit and i decided i wanted to try to hang things on my pegboard utility wall with adhesive hang tabs. i no longer live down the street from a retail supply store [not sure there's even one in this city] so i started looking online and in local stores. 

it's for the issues like these: you get a package of something and open it and use some of it, but then you have the item without the package and it no longer is convenient to store. things get lost on my shelves. i wanted to hang the liquid nails back on the wall where it's easy to find next time i or my roommate needs it.

yeah, that's what i was looking for!
of course then i got interested in seeing what else would benefit from this treatment. 
like my roommate's dental floss that tends to be considered a cat toys by the resident felines. not anymore!!

the neosporin got the same treatment. both my roommate and i are accident prone and we live with cats, volunteer with cats and she works in a hardware store. the neosporin is a multiple times a day use item, no point in putting it away. now it's easy to find anytime. 

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